Requirement to join us

- You need to understand our activities and club proposal well.

- You need to understand the risk of the glider.

- You need to be a Tohoku University student.

- You should be a Tohoku University student for over than one year. Less than one year is not enough to accomplish to acquire a glider control skill.

- You must enroll in the insurance of "PAS".

   →To the page of "PAS" (English page of Tohoku University.)

   →To the page of "PAS" (Japanese page of Tohoku University./学研災について)

- You must be healthy and you need medical check at the specific hospitals.

- You must not drink alcohol before and during the activities.

- Smoking is prohibited during our activities. 

- You must follow your instructors' and our instructions.



How about language problem?

- Instructor can't speak English or other foreign languages, so you are required to speak and listen in Japanese well.

- Who has problems with the languages are not permitted to participate to the club. 

- English textbook for glider is available, but you have to buy by yourself.

- See also the file below.


NOTICE for exchange students
valid from spring, 2017
NOTICE for exchange students.pdf
PDFファイル 219.7 KB

Cost for our activities

- Basically, 20,000 yen/1 month. But, first year is less than this price. This price may be changed without notice. Please contact us for details.

- Costs of meals and travels are not included, so you have to pay by yourself.

- Another payments are also required for medicals check, textbooks, and so on.